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Burnt Credit? We Can Help!

Burnt Credit? We Can Help!

We Help Improve Your Credit By Removing Errors In Your Credit Report.

Only $129/month. No charge For 6 days.

What We Do Best

We Make It A Pleasant Experience

Credit Dyno strives in making the whole credit improvement experience one of the best you've ever had.

Forget about all the hidden fees and upsells. Pay $99/month, period.


We Are On Your Side

100% Legal Credit Repair, Every time.

The credit repair industry already has a bad reputation, and it's true, there is a lot of "Credit Repair" companies out there using illegal tactics that put their customers in situations that could land them jail time.

At Credit Dyno you never have to worry about this as we ONLY use legal and ethical processes to improve you credit.

Forget The Fine Print

The World's Best 100% Money Back Guarantee

Don't Look For The Fine Print, If we are unable to remove any derogatory marks in your credit report within 3 months, we will refund 100% of your money! Told you we have the best money back guarantee.


Credit Repair Made Affordable.

Other Credit Repair companies charge an average of $300 per deleted item, which can become expensive quickly, considering the average credit report has 11 items that could be removed. We made it affordable by providing UNLIMITED disputes and deletions for a fraction of the cost.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Monthly Membership

One Simple To Understand Price

129 USD

Billed Monthly

Join hundreds of satisfied customers

Companies of every size, and in 62 different countries, are using Betakit to beat their competitors.​

My wife and I were struggling to get a new home for our family due to our past financial mistakes, which was pretty embarrassing. Credit Dyno didn’t judge us at all and made us feel at ease that we were not the only ones in this situation!
The Miller Family

Time Taken To Improve Credit And Get A New Home: 4 Months

Thanks to the Army, I had no issues qualifying for a mortgage, but the rate I initially got on my mortgage was pretty bad. Credit Dyno helped me improve my credit score to refinance my loan and get a MUCH cheaper rate! Thank you for everything you did for me Credit Dyno!
Mr. Lopez

Time Taken To Improve Credit And Refinance His Home: 2 Months

Being a single parent is hard. Trying to buy a home as a single parent is even harder… Credit Dyno literally grabbed my hand, fixed my credit, and connected me with everyone I needed to get a new home. My daughter and I cannot thank you guys enough!
The Robinson Family

Time Taken To Improve Credit And Get A New Home: 1 Month

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